Sunsets and Selfies


I appreciate social media, but I’m from the sunset-selfie capitol of the world and I generally avoid those photos. But the Bay of Biscay, like Los Angeles, can put on a show. Some locals told me it is from the smog, that particulate refraction. But it’s the way this coast bends, and, like Los Angeles, the way the mountains (The Pyrenees) rise off the sea floor.

img_0484Two months ago, I sat with my friend watching two kids try to push a giant green swan through the surf at Cardiff. I asked my friend, E., an amazing writer with years around the surf industry, how she would go about describing that moment in a poem. The moment was both absurd and beautiful at the same time. I always feel a bit overwhelmed, oppressed even, by such moments–the problem they present to a writer in trying to describe them accurately on the page. In that case, I’d mess with the backgrounds. Deep blue water, persistent white from the broken wave, grey sky, two kids pushing a boat-sized green swan. Etc. But what to do with the purples in these sunsets? How do you register them on the page accurately?

And there’s a reason I don’t take selfies!!!!

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