Photos from the VIP Tent

The Booklet of Heat Totals, Updated Every Hour

img_0512 img_0505

Audrey, Miss, Leeloo, Raony from Biarritz. Their husband/father is from Brazil and on the Longboard World Tour.

Jerome from Hotel 202 and closet fiction writer


Look, Its Lauren! On the first day, still blind with jet lag, I bumped into our old nanny!

Gumby (coach), Eva, Mick (coach,) Melamia, Tony, and Mu


Emmanuelle Joly, the announcer for the French broadcast, and her daughter Uhaina, napping after a long day. Uhaina says she wants to surf Hawaii but her favorite break is Snapper Rocks in OZ.

Pauline, Claire, and GC–they kept an amount of groms, execs, and wayward stragglers like me happy and well fed.
Gabriel Medina with Charlie, his Dad, heading home after the loss…

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